Justin Miles Has Found the Ultimate Rucksack

Justin Miles with his Karrimor SF Rucksack

Thank you to Justin Miles from Just for the Challenge who has posted a wonderful review of the Karrimor SF Sabre 80-130 on the Beyond Limits Magazine. 

Justin says "As soon as I ripped open the packaging of the new Karrimor SF Sabre 80-130 I could see and feel that it was totally different from any other rucksacks that I’ve used before. It felt very much like it ‘meant business."

He added "The first time that I used the Sabre 80-130 was in the Arctic Circle whilst I was training for next year’s expedition to reach the Arctic Pole of Inaccessibility and it performed brilliantly. The huge carrying capacity of the main compartment swallowed up my kit with ease and the pockets, with big chunky zips, made accessing equipment like the GPS really easy, even when I was wearing big gloves"

To read the full review, please visit - http://www.beyondlimitsmagazine.com


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