Karrimor SF Predator 45 Bergen


Our requirements for equipment vary greatly from team to operative, each person responsible for their own, but when it comes to a decent bergan for operations we are normally all after something similar. Firstly due to the way we operate and the often hostile environments we contend with, durability, weight and size are critical. Whilst we often need to pack bergans into other luggage for covert mobilisation, once on the ground we can be carrying heavy loads for several days with specialist equipment, communications gear, large professional cameras and lenses (with all battery accessories such kit requires), before we even start on clothing, sleeping, eating and survival essentials. With loads heavy we all need something comfortable and versatile.

The Karrimor SF Predator

This was on my agenda at the end of last year knowing a deployment was upon me and my old bergan finally retired from many years of service after an incident with a tracked vehicle. Having seen the Predator in service with others I wanted a much closer look and feel before parting with my dollars. However, with time against me I found it impossible to find a supplier with one to hand anywhere in Australia until Law Enforcement Supplies in Perth came to my aid. The Bergen was soon in the post and at my doorstep and packed down it was light, the size of a laptop and perfect to slip inside other luggage as required.

A test in the Alps and a deployment overseas with a lot of gear and I am convinced this is the perfect bergan for so many needs. The Palm Back system is very comfortable and whilst like any military style bergan it is designed to sit up high above a belt kit, it was fine even when carrying heavy loads for many kilometres a day. The 45 litre capacity makes a perfect day pack, but with the floating lid, compression straps, side zips for pockets and MOLLE it was easy to attach and load up gear as and when required for an extensive operation. The internal frame strap is ideal for securing a laptop and the one main compartment the perfect shape for packing out and really increasing the capacity. Stuff pockets, Ski guides and plenty of quality fitted MOLLE webbing make the carrying of heavy and special kit simple and effective. The inner and outer lid pockets are great for storing key bits of smaller gear and the carry handles are strong and well fitted. In all, the durability and quality is excellent and cannot be faulted. The waist belt can be concealed and I easily attached (through a nice wide belt slot) a larger belt to specifically carry my range of civilian style preference of Lowe Pro pouches that can be removed in a flash.


I just cannot find fault with this product and recommend it not only to our teams, but anyone requiring a robust, durable, comfortable and versatile pack for any environment, operation or adventure. The quality and performance are second to none and it comes in various colours including a civilian looking discreet black. Well done Karrimor!

In Australia and the UK this and other specialist equipment can be sourced directly from Law Enforcement Supplies.

Ask for Jason for professional insight, operational understanding, confidentiality and great service.


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If Carlsberg made rucksacks…

Finding a good rucksack can be an absolute minefield, but I stumbled across a winner when I discovered Karrimor Special Forces. As soon as I ripped open the packaging of the new Karrimor SF Sabre 80-130 I could see and feel that it was totally different from any other rucksack that I’ve used before. It felt very much like it ‘meant business’.

The first time that I used the Sabre 80-130 was in the Arctic Circle whilst I was training for next years expedition to reach the Arctic Pole of Inaccessibility and it performed brilliantly. The huge carrying capacity of the main compartment swallowed up my kit with ease and the pockets with big chunky zips made accessing equipment like the GPS really easy, even wearing big gloves.

I’ve also used the Sabre 80-130 on training trips in the UK and France. As well as all of the above, the ‘on the move adjustability’ gave me the ability to be comfortable with the pack all day (no sore spots or aches) and helped tremendously with shifting the load on hilly terrain. Thankfully, the Sabre 80-130 comes with a rain cover – an essential bit of kit for the British climate!

Fully loaded the pack is so comfortable it’s a bit like wearing a sleeping bag; with plenty of padding in all the right places and the strapping is fully adjustable to get the best fit.

I will be, at some stage, adding to my Sabre with a couple of the attachable pockets so that I can carry even more kit and have more ‘external’ space for items that I need quickly to hand, and the KSF hydration system to make my life far easier when it comes to drinking on the move.

Now that I’ve tried the KSF Sabre 80-130 I don’t see any reason to ever use anything else. KSF have proven, with this one pack alone, that they are market leaders when it comes to load carrying equipment.

Justin Miles – Just for the Challenge



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