Quality is what we are about.

To ensure that load carriage products are durable in relation to manufacture, materials and potential design flaws, we regularly perform QA testing both on materials and finished products. This ensures that defects in these areas are identified as early as possible so that improvements can be made if necessary. Designs are evaluated to ensure that they are optimised for production line manufacture. Any potential failure points in the finished product identified result in manufacturing and QA steps put in place to mitigate them.

We regularly review the quality of our products, to make improvements where possible and to re-evaluate them in the light of developments made in other products. Any returns are reviewed within our Documented Quality Management System (DQMS) procedures initially for resolution and at our management system review meetings which are held regularly to look for any trends. This information is held on a database to allow swift transmission of information and resolution of quality issues identified.

The company focus on product durability and quality manufacture means that any defects in design, manufacture or materials identified are quickly resolved.

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